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Surfrider Foundation Will Distribute Smartfins to Collect Ocean Data

Frank Chenault, Big Sur

Big Sur, CA, resident Frank Chenault serves as the head acquisition director for Chenault Enterprises. Also a professional surfer, Frank Chenault works to protect the waters around Big Sur, CA, and other coastal areas through his support of organizations such as the Surfrider Foundation. 

In a recent press release, the Surfrider Foundation announced that it will work with its worldwide network of surfers to collect ocean data using a new technological tool called the Smartfin. Developed through a partnership between scientists, engineers, and nonprofit groups, the Smartfin is a surfboard fin equipped with advanced sensors that measure the ocean’s salinity, PH, wave characteristics, and other data in the nearshore environment. 

The global scientific community will use data acquired by the Smartfin to address acidification, ocean warming, and other issues related to climate change. After undergoing several months of beta testing, the fin is ready for distribution, which is set to begin in early 2017. The Surfrider Foundation will launch the worldwide distribution effort with a pilot program at its San Diego Chapter. More information can be found at


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