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Surfrider Foundation Launches Ocean Cleanup Campaign

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A resident of Big Sur, CA, Frank Chenault is the former acquisition director of the Quantum Group and current owner and head acquisition director of Chenault Enterprises. As part of his longtime connection with Big Sur, CA, and his passion for the ocean, Frank Chenault supports several environmental organizations, including the Surfrider Foundation.

Earlier this month, the Surfrider Foundation launched its Long Live the Beach cleanup campaign in conjunction with International Coastal Cleanup Day, which took place on September 17. The focus of the Surfrider Foundation initiative is to help protect coastal areas for current and future generations.

The world’s oceans are seeing plastic pollution and marine debris in crisis-level proportions. These hazards cause a danger not just to those who enjoy the ocean, but also to the animals that inhabit it. Recent data suggests that by 2050 the amount of plastic in the ocean will be greater than the number of fish.

The Long Live the Beach initiative is the Surfrider Foundation’s effort to help curb the oceanic pollution epidemic. The program will work to address the issues facing ocean life right now by striving for accessible beaches, coastal preservation, ocean protection, and clean water. As part of the campaign, supporters receive a free bumper sticker, which has a space for them to write in their favorite beach. For more information about the program, visit

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