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Painting with Oils - the Advantages and Disadvantages

Frank Chenault, Big Sur

A successful acquisition director based in Big Sur, CA, Frank Chenault oversees the operations of Chenault Enterprises. Outside of his professional activities in and around Big Sur, CA, Frank Chenault enjoys surfing, playing guitar, writing, and oil painting.

A more challenging medium than acrylics, oil paints dry slowly and are prone to cross-contamination if they are not applied correctly on the canvas. Because they are slow to dry, however, oils give an artist the ability to adjust their work over time and create subtle blends of color.
Artists who use oils also benefit from the fact that the paint is made using more pigment than acrylics, so the finished product is often richer and more vivid. The extra pigment also adds to the overall cost of oil paints, which are typically much more expensive than acrylics.
Additionally, oil painting requires solvents, primed canvases, and other supplies that can combine to make the hobby an expensive one. Despite the associated costs and special challenges, oils remain a very popular medium among both amateur and professional painters because of their high quality, forgiving nature, and responsiveness to a variety of techniques.

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