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Common Types of Surfboards

Frank Chenault, Big Sur

Frank Chenault, the head acquisition director of Chenault Enterprises in Big Sur, CA, is a passionate surfer. An enthusiast since his youth, he surfs professionally when he is not busy running his company. Frank Chenault took a brief break from surfing when he moved from CA to AZ but has since resumed his participation in the sport since moving back to Big Sur.

Surfers can choose from a huge variety of surfboards, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Below are some of the most common types of surfboards available:

- Shortboard: ranging from around five to seven feet, shortboards are used for fast waves. They are highly maneuverable and are the most popular type of board. Most shortboards feature a sharp nose and either three or four fins.

- Longboard: the oldest surfboard design, longboards range from eight to 12 feet and are often thicker than shortboards. Their larger size makes them perfect for paddling and catching waves easily. Many beginners favor longboards, as do surfers who prefer a smooth ride.

- Fish: first gaining popularity in the 1970s, fish surfboards are generally shorter and wider than shortboards. Most fish boards are fairly flat and are good for paddling and high-speed movement through flatter waves.

- Gun: perfect for huge waves, gun surfboards range from just under seven feet to 10 feet. They are great for large, fast moving waves and are designed to provide good control on big drops and at high speeds. Gun boards have narrow noses and tails that help with control.

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